Welcome to a world of sex, wealth, drugs and the biggest adrenaline rush of your life… along with mental health issues and physical exhaustion.

Hi, I’m Tiffany!

My clients in the strip club world know me as Whitney. I’ll write a new story every week to give you insight on my experiences in the adult entertainment industry. Tips and advice are also given weekly to help keep dancers safe. The majority of my life will be written in my blogs, but I’ll try to keep some mystery to me! I hope you enjoy my stories!

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Start your pole dancing journey!

I own a pole fitness studio, Pole Body & Arts, where I train tons of women in their pole dancing journeys! I teach in studio and virtually. Visit our website or message me if you would like to learn more and get started! No experience needed. If you are an adult entertainer or want to be one, ask about my Champagne Entertainer Development program!

Audition Routine

Want to learn an audition routine to start your career in a strip club? This is a private lesson hosted at Pole Body & Arts.


per hour

Have Questions?

Book an appointment virtually or in person to ask any questions or to get personal advice on a topic


per hour

Pole Fitness Training

Whether you have never pole danced before or have years of experience, I would love to meet you and train you! This can be virtual or in person.


per hour


Founded in 2021 by Tiffany Baker, STRIPPED, is a blog based in Charlotte, NC.

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